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I plan to use the suggestion to fix the computer and give it away. I plan to give it to my sister. I also plan to install and run folding@home on the computer.


we got this idea form the make blog comment:

  • Make 50 people happy with them... gifts for christmas.


Andrew is going to use another computer to give to his brother or sell. This is what we plan to do with 2 of the imacs.


Report on the Computer 50 Imacs






Andrews 50 Imacs Page:







This ousnd slike a good suggestion:

f the computer still works, use it. I've gotten several old iMacs like these, upgraded them, and gave them to my friends and family (and kept some for myself of course).


1. Add RAM if it hasn't already been upgraded (have at least 256MB). You can find out what kind of RAM you need at OtherWorldComputing, try here


2. Add a larger hard drive. You can get an 80GB drive at a good price. I would try Newegg.com. Make sure it's an IDE drive and no larger than 120GB, try this search.


3. Install Mac OS X. You need a DVD drive in order to install Tiger, or you can put the hard drive in an enclosure and install from another Mac. As a student you can purchase it at a discounted price. Or if you'd rather you can try and obtain Panther, possible from Ebay, try this. When installing, the first partition (where you will install the OS to) can be no larger than 8GB.


4. Move your Users folder to the second partition. This can be done using NetInfo Manager in your Utilities folder.


Now you've got a great computer. It's may not be the fastest computer in town, but you can do school work (install MS Office or NeoOffice), web browsing, email, music, photos, and even play games.

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